Business Growth Using Online Video

You should be using online video to grow your business in 2017. Moving pictures move people! Your fitness business, gym, personal training space is the perfect location to give your potential clients a view into what you do and why you do it. Plus it is just fun to watch other people work out! Ok that is the light part but video data is big business and this year we saw the average viewer spend up to 6 hours watching online video with 85% of that coming right through social media. The numbers showed us 50% YouTube, 36% Facebook and the rest of the pie divided between Twitter and other. Don’t count Twitter out just yet as you can now live stream as well as embed. Whatever you choose, make video a part of your marketing plan for the coming year.

Remember video is one of the number one ways to quickly build trust and authority with your audience to help convert them to clients. Read more from Marketing Profs on this report.

Want to know how online video can build your business and get you more clients faster? Email me and let’s get that conversation started for 2017!


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