Client Results

Chris ChouteauStefanie took our social media from zero to hero in just a few shorts months. Our Facebook engagement is up 45%, Likes up 25% and doubled our Twitter followers. Plus she invigorated our Instagram page with well planned themes and variety of content. All of this social media activity has lead to stronger member and non member communication and has helped to increase our overall memberships. For membership retention strategies, Stefanie has created for us a monthly workshop series that provides our members with bonus information and sometimes even entertainment in order to give them that VIP feel that they are more then just members to us, they are family! I am very pleased with Stefanie’s work and I would highly recommend her to other fitness studios looking to increase their overall membership attraction and retention rates. Plus she is really fun to work with and makes each project seem like a day without burpees!
kathleen carman- beyond pilates laStefanie helped me to launch my fitness Your Tube Channel in under 28 days! She taught me the ins and outs of how to use this platform in order to drive traffic to my video series that is purchased through my website. I appreciate how Stefanie listened to me and allowed me to create the channel branding in my own style. I am not one of these flash in the pans trendy pilates instructors. I have been teaching for over 30 years and use traditional methods more interested in correct technique then flashy music. Stefanie understood this and worked with me on my owns terms. I appreciate that! I found even more benefit to this training course with the VIP experience where she took the the time to walk me through video shoot equipment ,showed me how to use a camera and lights. I feel confident now that I can really use YouTube as a way to grow my business.
cody storey- storey fitnessStefanie created an email marketing campaign for Storey Fitness that inspired our members and helped to create trust building conversations for our business. Our members loved hearing more about our history and trainers! We will continue to provide more value to our members via email.