This is the perfect time of year to turn your conversations into customers by using the power of Shared Experience. And what better conversation starter then the holidays! When you celebrate a national or personal event with your customer it helps to create a deeper level of positive connection.

I get a birthday card from my car leasing company every year. It makes me laugh of course but really what it does is keep that business in the front of my mind and creates a positive experience. So every time I think of that car lease company, the positive experience receptors are triggered in my brain. All of my experiences with that car leasing company have been positive in person and the card reaffirms my feelings for them thereby making it 95% more likely that I will use and/or refer that company again.

Think about experiences in your own life. What companies have reached out to you? I bet you can remember them pretty quickly.


So the same goes for holidays. Celebrate the holidays with your customers by sending holiday themed email or cards that go way BEYOND A SALE announcement. Turns them into personal notes that create a positive conversation and further reinforce a positive experience with your customer. This can even help repair a less then positive customer experience and increase the chances that the customer gives you another shot!

In the spirit of shared experience and holiday happiness, I created 3 Email Templates that you can use for your fitness business right now. My favorite and most effective one is called This Is Not A Sale. Just download them for free and try them out in your business right. These are written for fitness businesses but with a few editorial tweeks you can tailor them to other businesses as well. Get creative!



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