happy member equals reliable revenue and retentionThe biggest cost for your fitness business is new member acquisition so it makes sense to have a system in place that  keeps your converted customer as a motivated member. We call this retention and it is the lifeline of your fitness business.

Membership has two active parts that need to work together in order to build reliable revenue at your fitness studio. The first part is attracting new members to your studio and helping them see the value of what you have to offer to their life and goals. This is achieved through your core offerings.

The core offering of your fitness studio is often defined as personal training, group classes and supportive classes that address areas like nutrition and mindset. These build the base of your membership package and give your members the foundation towards achieving their fitness goals. This is a great starting point but once your member is in the system and on a routine you will need to actively monitor their involvement and provide the necessary systems that are continual support.

Your member retention plan should include combinations of email communication, special events, bonus training or challenges, social media community building and optional competitions and prizing incentives.

It is  nice to have branded t-shirts and hoodies by the front door, but it takes more then a water bottle with your name on it to make a member feel like you are 100% focused on their success.

By building a relationship of trust, accountability and support  and then maintaining the same level of communication and accessibility your members are 80% more likely to commit to long term goals.


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