You might notice the silly little panda hat on my head in this video. It’s cute as heck and quite the attention grabber. Chances are you clicked the play button way before you looked down and read any of this description. It is called grabbing their attention and this is just the kind of video technique that will work for your fitness gym.

Now I am not saying put a panda on your head. That would be ridiculous. But what you could and should do is start shooting a video every day on your fitness gym to show your happy members getting real results in your beautiful facility. If you are going to post on YouTube or Facebook then you can do up to 2-3 mins with out losing your eyeballs. For Instagram and Twitter stick to 30 seconds event though you can do a minute.

Attention spans are short these days so make the most of what you got and start showing off your FITNESS GYM and the workouts you provide there. The more people know, like and trust you, the more likely they are to feel confident in turning to you for health and fitness services.

Video gets you there quicker then any other online medium. And it is free. So chalk this one up for free advertising.


Do you have a fitness business and are interested in growing your membership or creating retention programs and incentives to keep your community engaged? Let’s talk. I can help you with that.
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