LOCAL FITNESS MARKET SEARCHYour strongest target market is within 5 miles of your fitness studio! These can be people that either live in  the area or work in the area. Let’s face it traffic in metropolitan cities can be horrendous any time of the day so it makes sense to build your biggest support base closest to your business. The easier is for a person to get to your gym, the more likely they are to see value in a membership! When you first opened your fitness studio you may have experienced tremendous support of new neighbor introduction and word of mouth referrals. We hear from many studios that they simply rely on word of mouth to bring new people in the door. But this is a unreliable predictor of how successful your business will be in any given year. This type of built in or free marketing has momentum in the beginning and typically slows down after the first year.

  • Are you getting the same amount of foot traffic that you did in the beginning?
  • Do you find yourself at a membership plateau and not seeing new faces in your classes?
  • Do you struggle with the fact that only half of your membership is even from the local neighborhood?

So then what do you do? Local advertising? For sure. Participation in local events. Of course! Search engine optimization on your website? (you know when you actually show up in the top ten results of a search page?) ABSOLUTELY!

Local market search can be the trickiest part of the equation but it is not impossible and it is highly effective to keep your gym or fitness studio at the top of the search and the front of people’s minds.

We break this down into a 4 POINT TOUCH that utilizes the technology of search with the awareness of local point marketing.

Your physical location, website and online profile all work together to become your steady front door generator.

Know your neighbors and make sure they know you. Let’s get started now, book a free consultation to talk about how to engage with your local neighborhood.