My Fitness Professionals, I have good news for you! 2017 is the year we become ONE. Your first step using Social Media for your business in 2017 .
As a small business owner you can quickly get overwhelmed with the vast array of social media tools and marketing advice that is available to you and mostly free! But that does not mean it is a good idea to try to do everything at once. This will not give you leverage in your business it will merely give you burnout in your brain.

So your number one tip to start 2017 is to PICK JUST ONE! Pick one social media tool and make it your focus for January. Do not worry about or post on anything else until you have completely understood what that one tool can do for you business. Maybe you decide at the end of the month that you want to focus on a different tool and that is ok. But spreading yourself too thing trying to post everywhere will never work if you are doing everything yourself.

Not sure where to start or what tool is best for your business? Shoot me an email and let’s get that conversation started. Focus is what grows your business.


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