Do you feel stuck in your business and experiencing the work churn? You know what that is, when you are busy all day doing tasks but none of them actually are moving your business forward? Well STOP. Stop that nonsense right now and take a pause to sit back and look at the larger picture. I did this a few months ago hence why I all but disappeared from my social media channels. But I am glad I did because now I am more clear on what my business is and who I serve now more then ever.

I am still running. I am still working out every day. And now I get to work directly with the people that share my passion. Hell my fitness studios, my boutique gyms and my personal trainers. I am here for you.

Do you have a fitness business and are interested in growing your membership or creating retention programs and incentives to keep your community engaged? Let’s talk. I can help you with that.

Email me at mayor@boomtownmarketing to set up a free 30 min phone consultation!

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