Interview with Russ Wilde to discuss the rise of social media influencer marketing and how you can use this for your fitness business.

What is social media influencer marketing and why is everyone talking about it? Influencers had been used in advertising and marketing for many years but with the rise of social media we have access to a whole new level of influence and presentation. Celebrities had long been used as spokespeople but with the expansion and proliferation of what is celebrity it can be hard to determine what fits best for your business.

As we focus on small business marketing and fitness marketing specifically, Russ shares with us some great ideas on how this kind of marketing can work within your budget.

Plus he breaks down how to identify, approach and get the most out of working with a social media influencer. His ideas are so on point for our fitness professionals that gyms of almost any size can start making influencers a part of their marketing strategy to build membership and elevate their positioning in the niche fitness markets.
You can further read his newly published JuliusWorks 2016 Social Media Influencer Report here.

Thank you Russ for your insights, time and expertise!
Russ Wilde works on the Product Strategy and Operations team for Julius, an influencer marketing software for brands and agencies. He also is the President of Front Office Sports, a website devoted to sharing news and information about the sports industry with students and young professionals. To contact him, please email ‘’ or follow him on Twitter at @RussWildeJr.


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