Using video in your business communications can quickly add a level of trust and conversational intimacy to your message. Think about it, how much more engaged are you in a face to face conversation rather then say an email? Babies recognize faces within days of birth and in the first few months can differentiate between human and animals faces. We are hardwired to look for patterns and this includes faces.

Think about someone you spoke with today in person, you know the real world, now think about that exact conversation as if it had played out on the phone or email. Whether you had a good or bad interaction the face to face situation allows one to receive and process so many other different signals that will change how you receive that message. The whole conversation could have had a different outcome.

Take a look at my videos here. Does my smile make me seem more trustworthy or approachable? Does my voice or laughter put you at ease and comfortable? It will have some effect! Even on the flipside should you have negative reactions to the person in front of you it still holds power- you are more likely to remember them!

So using video for your business can have the same trust building effect. Give it a try. Make your About Page more interesting with a quick 30 sec video…like I did!

Do you have a fitness business and are interested in growing your membership or creating retention programs and incentives to keep your community engaged? Let’s talk. I can help you with that.

Email me at mayor@boomtownmarketing to set up a free 30 min phone consultation!

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