Social Media can be a great tool for you business. But knowing which one to focus your time and energy can be confusing and a work churn. I define work churn as when you feel like you are busy in your work but really are just doing tasks that do not add to your business. So my take on SnapChat right now is that for most small business it is a work churn. Is your audience and customer base even on it and if so how effective is your messaging? I have seen some very large brands use this tool in innovative ways but for the most part there is a larger advertising and marketing package behind the campaign. Beauty Bloggers and Personality YouTubers still own this one for me. But for right now I am not advising my fitness clients to jump on the SnapChat time suck.
Do you have a fitness business and are interested in growing your membership or creating retention programs and incentives to keep your community engaged? Let’s talk. I can help you with that.

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