How to create a Facebook Slideshow to Promote Your Fitness Business

Here is a quick tip to increase your Facebook audience engagement- use Facebook’s own built in tools to create content! Why does this work? Because Facebook loves Facebook! And they want to keep the users in the FB universe for as long as possible. So when you provide valuable content that links out of Facebook, the newsfeed will response by presenting about 25- 35% of you posts. But when you create content that keeps your audience in the Facebook platform then you are rewarded with an average of a 75% reach to your audience. And Facebook will even show this content friends of your fans!

What is Facebook tools you ask- they are integrated in the Status area. Next time you create a post click on the photo/video option and notice the drop down menu you see.

Create Photo Album
Create Photo Carousel
Create Slideshow
Create Canvas

Use any of these tools and Facebook will reward you with higher REACH!

Right now Facebook is super hot for their own live video so video posts are king. BUT they are also treating Slideshows just like video. So if you create a little slide show using their tool- they treat it as video.

When you post a slideshow using the native Facebook feature then Facebook treats it as if you have live video and they will show your post to more people on your page.

What this means to you as a fitness business owner is more people who have liked your page will actually see the post! An engaged community is more likely to stay motivated and come back to your gym more often!

Try it today. Email me if you need help at

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